JV Softball Wins Again


Our Lady Knights JV Softball had a fantastic win against the Central Noble Cougars win a 5-2 win. The first batter for Cougars was able to make it to first but the pitcher Taylor Peters didn’t let that happen again, and the next three batters were struck out. Kaylee Jordan was up to bat first for the Knights at the bottom of the inning. She had a high pop fly towards right field and second base, sadly it was caught. Then Carissa Gruszczyk got a hit that went down the third baseline, she then, by the end of the inning, was on third base. Corie Jones got hit by the pitch and hustled down to first. Karlie Laird and Taylor Peters got out at first and Abbie Peterson struck out to end the inning. Once Central Noble got back up to bat it was three up to the plate and all three struck out by Taylor Peters. Sadly the Knights did no better, the three batters that went up all hit pop-flies and all were caught. That ended the second inning. In the third inning the first run scored was for the Knights by Carissa Gruszczyk when she stole second then got to third and made her way to home. In the fourth inning the first batter was out at first but the second batter got walked and was able to steal to second, that’s as far as the Knights would let her get to because the next two batters struck out. Then Karlie Laird and Sarah Toles both scored for the Knights. In the fifth inning the Cougars scored a point but they were still behind by two. In the sixth inning Sarah Toles scored again for the Knights along with Kaylee Jordan. During the last part of the game the Cougars managed to score another point then Taylor Peters struck out three more batters, ending the game and giving the Knights a win!