JV Softball Conquers West Noble


East Noble JV Softball Knights dominated the West Noble Chargers. The final score was 14-0. In the first inning Kaylee Jordan, Carissa Gruszczyk, and Corie Jones all made two runs each. Kortney Lambright and Taylor Peters each scored one run in the same inning putting the Knights in the lead with eight points. In the second inning the first batters for the Chargers all struck out, as for the Knights Sarah Toles was the only one able to make it on base and she got all the way to second base. In the third inning Toni Fugate and Kaylee Jordan both scored. Karlie Laird bunted and scored another point. Corie Jones bunted but got out at first. During fifth the Mackenzie Willett, Kyanna French, and Kaylee Jordan all scored points.