EN Falls to New Haven

Sahil Patel, Reporter

East Noble boys’ golf have been doing really well in these tough conditions. We have had 7 golf matches so far this season, and a few of them were pretty brutal. Our golfers have shown strength, strategy, and skills out on the golf course and are doing great! Recently our varsity boys competed against New Haven on Tuesday April 28, 2015 at Whispering Creek. The varsity players that went to this match were: Senior Evan Hart, Senior Jesse Kitchen, Junior Aaron Beard, Junior Dylan Philpot, Sophomore Ryan Desper, and Sophomore Elijah Shanton. These guys did their best on Tuesday, but lost to New Haven by 10 strokes. The team played nine holes and they shot really good scores. The overall score was East Noble: 179 and New Haven: 174. In golf, the lower score wins.

Individually, Evan Hart shot a 42, Jesse Kitchen shot a 45, Aaron Beard shot a 45, Dylan Philpot shot a 47, Ryan Desper shot a 49, and Elijah Shanton shot a 51.

Our next boys’ varsity/JV competition is Tuesday May 5, 2015, at Noble Hawk in Kendallville, vs Norwell. Good luck golfers and have fun!