Star Wars: Rebels Final Season Death Predictions Results

Matthew Demchak, Opinion Editor

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Hey Star Wars Fans!

Several months ago, way back in October (I think), I wrote an article with my predictions on who will die in the final season of Star Wars Rebels. Well, the series finale has come and gone. Time to see how right I was.


Kanan Jarrus
My Prediction: Death
What happened: Death

Kanan Jarrus, aka Caleb Dume, has been both a father figure and a mentor for Ezra from the very beginning of the show. Though he never reached the status of Jedi Master, he still taught Ezra in the ways of the force.
Of course, this does lead to his death in the end. But he goes out in a blaze of glory—literally. Not to mention the fact that he sacrificed himself to save the rest of the team from sharing his fate. His death does heavily influence the actions and the emotions of everyone for the remaining episodes
Kanan, rest in peace. You will be missed.

Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios
My prediction: Completely Random, but hopes for living.
What Happened: Survived

Zeb, the big, lovable, furry guy, survived the events of the finale in one peace. Previously I had reported that his survival was the sketchiest of the entire cast, with the decision on whether or not to kill him possibly going in either direction.

However, despite him only having a 35% chance of survival, Zeb beat the odds and lived to fight another day. He even took his old rival and enemy to his home world to show him that the Lasat are not even close to extinction.

Hera Syndulla
My Prediction: Alive
What Happened: Survived.

This one was obvious. As I mentioned in my previous article, Hera was mentioned by name in Rogue One, which takes place after Rebels. This guaranteed her survival off the bat.

What I didn’t learn until the final episode was that she not only survived that titanic battle at Scarrif, but she even fought in the Battle of Endor, and presumably survived even that fight.

Not only that, but she had a son, which was presumably Kanan’s as well. And yes, showrunners have confirmed that this son’s name is spelled J-a-c-e-n Syndulla.

Jacen Syndulla.

Fans of the Legends Universe (aka, everything that happened in the Star Wars novels before Disney took over) will notice this spelling right away as matching Jacen Solo, the son of Han and Leia.

Thanks for another EU reference coming into the current canon universe, Rebels!

My prediction: Alive
What Happened: Survived

Another obvious one. We saw Chopper in Rogue One. Not really much more that needs to be said besides that.

Agent Kallus
My Prediction: Death
What Happened: Survived.

This one took me completely by surprise. I was totally expecting to see Kallus die during this season, considering he was both a minor character as well as an Imperial turncoat, meaning an extra-large target would be placed on his back. However, he only showed up in a few episodes. Plus he somehow managed to survive the final battle for Lothal. Later, Zeb takes him to the Lasat home world to show him that he didn’t kill off the Lasats. The Lasats there even welcome him as one of their own.

Bravo, Agent Kallus. You defied the odds and lived on.

Captain Rex
My Prediction: Alive
What Happened: Survived.

Clone Captain Rex, one of the last surviving clones at this point, also managed to survive the events of the finale. Not only that, but the fact that he also fought in the Battle of Endor has also been confirmed in the final minutes of the episode. So I guess he was the white bearded rebel soldier that has been said to have been Rex for a while now.

My Prediction: Alive
What Happened: Unknown (Probably Survived)

Grand Admiral Thrawn. The overall main antagonist of the final season. The blue skinned Chiss from the Legends Universe. For much of the final seven episodes, he was away from Lothal, only to come in at the very end to foil the Rebels one last time.

Or so he thought.

I’ll get around to more on how this went down in a minute, but needless to say, it’s unclear what will actually become of him. While it is very unlikely that he will end up being dead after these events, his survival will have to remain unknown for now.

Ezra Bridger
My Prediction: Alive
What Happened: Unknown (Probably Survived)

The main character of the entire series. It’s been a long and winding road for Ezra since the first season. And now everything has come full circle for him.

To save his friends, Ezra had to surrender himself to Thrawn. But it wasn’t without purpose in the end. Basically, he bought enough time for his friends to activate some shield generators on the surface of Lothal, protecting much of it from orbital bombardment. And then his old friends, the hyperspace traveling space whales from way back in Season Two, arrived, smashed the heck out of Thrawn’s fleet, and then carried Thrawn’s command ship—with Thrawn and Ezra still aboard—into hyperspace.

His fate is left unknown at the end of the episode, but based on what certain other characters are planning, this probably won’t be the last time we see Ezra in Star Wars Canon.

Ahsoka Tano
My prediction: Alive
What Happened: Survived

The fate of Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan was one of the biggest mysteries of Rebels ever since we last saw her fighting Vader himself in the Season Two finale. While showrunner Dave Filoni confirmed that she was still alive thanks to a clever change in shirts during the premier of the Season Four trailer, it was unclear on how she actually survived.

How she did, however, is kind of weird.

So basically, in one of the last few episodes, Ezra travels to a place known as the World between Worlds, which is basically a place where time and space meet and can sort of be manipulated. While he is roaming around there, he comes upon a portal where he sees the last few minutes of that fight between Ahsoka and Vader in the Sith Temple. He then is able to save Ahsoka from death by pulling her into the World between Worlds before Vader can strike a death blow.

Yes, I guess Time Travel is kind of a thing now in Star Wars.

So basically in the end, the Emperor himself tries to capture/kill them, as well as make it into the World between Worlds. But Ezra and Ahsoka both escape, and while Ezra seals the portal into the World between Worlds, Ahsoka returns to the Sith Temple (or what’s left of it), keeping the brief glimpse of her in the Season Two Finale canon as well as accurate.

Not only did Ahsoka survive that experience, but she did make it all the way past the Battle of Endor. When she shows up in the last minute of the finale, while she isn’t really that old (probably in her forties by now), she now has a Gandalf look to her, as she is wearing a cool looking white cloak and carrying an epic looking staff.
What does the future hold for Ahsoka? I’ll get to that when I talk about this last character.

Sabine Wren
My prediction: Alive
What Happened: Survived

Sabine has stepped into a more main role as the series progressed, becoming one of Ezra’s closest confidants and friends. He trusted her probably more than the rest of the crew by the end. And his last words to her were that he could count on her.

This puzzled Sabine for years to come, as she explains in a voiceover narration. Then she realizes that Ezra more than likely meant that he could count on her to find him. And so, at the end of the episode, Sabine (with a new haircut and hair color) leaves with Ahsoka in what appears to be possibly a modified T-6 shuttle (The Jedi shuttles that kept getting blown to bits in the Clone Wars) to presumably go find Ezra.

And that’s a wrap! There were a lot of other minor characters that lived, such as the epically named Ryder Azadi, Rex’s clone comrade Wolfe, and the pirate Hondo Ohnaka (who somehow always seems to live through events that he shouldn’t have lived through), and some that died, such as Governor Pryce and Rex’s other clone comrade Gregor, but these ten characters were the ones I highlighted in my previous article.

So what’s next for these characters? Well, with the series ended, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, such as the ultimate fates of Ezra and Thrawn. We can only hope that whatever project Dave Filoni has lined up next will answer these questions.

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