How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: A Review


Photographer: Terry Lewis

“How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” is a familiar musical that most East Noble residents recognize. With the musical’s first appearance in 1970, the show made a comeback 46 years later while still being under the direction of Mr. Craig Munk, head of the theatre department. This production was surely one to remember.

The hilarious comedy show written by Frank Loesser and Abe Burrow is set in the 1960s, and the plot follows a young J. Pierrepont Finch, a window washer transformed into a successful businessman. Finch follows a step-by-step guide from the book, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” in the hopes of landing a job at the World Wide Wicket Company. When he is eventually hired, the ups and downs of the business world are revealed: promotions, relationships, and even talk shows.

Finch and Rosemary Pilkington, the two main characters, were played by Senior Honor Thespians Daniel Kane and Lydia Tremaine. Supporting roles of J.B. Biggley, Bud Frump, and Hedy LaRue were played by Brian Tew, Lucas Graden, and Alyssa Gulick. The five actors have been active members of East Noble Theatre throughout their four years of high school.

Graden, a Senior Honor Thespian and a progressive student at East Noble described how his high school theatre changed his life.

“East Noble Theatre has taught me to be comfortable with myself and comfortable in front of others,” he said. “I’ve made friends and become a part of a family. I’ve learned the meaning of hard work and what it feels like to accomplish a goal I’ve set for myself.” Graden also touched on how Mr. Munk’s teaching made him who he is today.

“After four years it was so emotional taking my final bow, but being able to bow alongside Mr. Munk is a memory I’ll never forget. I owe so much of my high school career and the person I am today to Mr. and Mrs. Munk. I can’t thank them enough for the role they’ve played in my life.”

Craig Munk has been the theatre director at East Noble High School for 48 years, all alongside his wife, Karen Munk. In that grand amount of time, he has changed many lives and touched many hearts, all while teaching the youth the ways of the theatre. With his last production being the same one he produced back in 1970, these four performances must have been a very bittersweet experience for him as well as the community. He will be remembered by students, staff, and citizens of East Noble forever!

All in all, seeing this musical is a fun and entertaining way to reminisce the 1960s lifestyle. It really puts a different perspective on the past, while still involving present-day problems and whereabouts. Whether East Noble puts on this production again in the future, or you see the movie based on the musical, I highly recommend experiencing the musical at least once in your life!