Semi-Formal at the Circus


When I think circus, I think of balloons and clowns and animals doing cool tricks. When I think of semi-formal, I think elegant setting, being with friends, and maybe a few slow dances. But I can’t imagine putting them together.

Semi-formal is a dance that friends or couples go to, to dance and enjoy themselves while dressing appropriately. The semi-formal dress code is very strict, if girls aren’t wearing dresses and boys show up in jeans they aren’t allowed in. Making circus the theme for semi-formal wasn’t the best choice.

“I think the theme isn’t very fitting for a dance,” said Remy Fisher. “What are we supposed to dress in—clown suits?”

Although I disagree with having circus as a semi-formal theme, it is creative and something East Noble’s never done before. Last year the theme was outer space. I’m sure some people thought it was crazy and never going to work out, but when everyone walked through the doors they were blown away. I just hope this year’s circus theme can do the same.

“I think it will be fun  and pretty cool,” said Kyra Warren as she laughed happily.

But let’s not forget that this is a semi-formal dance. Underclassmen consider it something like a miniature prom. This should not be overlooked. Luckily the Student Council spends a lot of time the day and night before the dance to make it looks its best. Chairmen Kenia Diaz, Meghan Nowles, and Allison Turner have been working for a while on the design for semi-formal and Student Council works from three o’clock after school to the late hours of the night and maybe the early hours in the morning.

All the time put into this dance should resemble all the hard work. And circus is playful and silly that doesn’t portray hard work to make the scenery look elegant and that it took time.

I don’t believe circus is the best idea for semi-formal, but I guess I’ll have to wait until Saturday, December 19 to find out what’s in store.