Friends, Not Siblings

If I saw my brother in the hallway, I wouldn’t go up to him and give him a big hug, and I wouldn’t go up and tackle him like I would at home. My brother will be a freshman and I’ll be a senior in a few years. I know at school I’ll see him as a student, not my brother. I know my brother well enough now that I know to respect that the way he is he will ask for some space at school.

Hopefully, you know your sibling well enough to know when they want to see you or not. My brother is in football and hangs out with friends all the time, so I know I wouldn’t want my older sibling running up to me when I didn’t want them to.

Siblings should love each other and help each other. Especially in school. Some people only have one sibling, if they lost that sibling because of a school related issue like bulling or stress, they would feel horrible.

I think if anyone is being bullied you should stick up for them, not just your sibling. If they’re stressed about school, work, or their high school social life then talk to them and help them. You might have already been through this as the older child.

Some siblings in school like Annie and Brittany Rottger walk to class together. They hang out like friends and don’t treat each other any different than they do their friends.