East Noble High School’s First Ever Bullying Awareness Week

Remy Fisher , Editor-in-Chief

Bullying finds its way to be a nuisance at nearly every high school. Thankfully, students and staff members all across the globe use their voices to combat bullying and strive to make their schools safe. Those same forces reside at East Noble High School.

Ms. Remesnik and the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) class have organized East Noble’s first ever “Bullying Awareness Week.” Falling on the week of October 23, the dress-up days observed are as followed:

Monday – Wear Blue for Bullying Awareness
Tuesday – Character Day (no masks), because character counts
Wednesday – Flannel and jeans day for Fall Fest
Thursday – Crazy outfit day, because it is okay to be different

Prizes will be handed out to the best-dressed, so students are asked to bring their “A-game!”