Homecoming Week: Tropical Tuesday and ‘Wubble Bubble’ Soccer


Remy Fisher

Student Council members in the middle of a game of ‘Wubble Bubble’ Soccer.

Matthew Demchak, Opinion Editor

Homecoming week continued with Tropical Tuesday. For this spirit day, students were allowed to wear beach related clothing. They were also allowed to bring in flotation devices to accompany them throughout the school day.

The after school event was Wubble Bubble Soccer. Originally reported as Wubble Bubble Human Bowling, the event was quickly changed upon realizing the impracticality of Human Bowling with the Wubble Bubbles provided. For the soccer event, participants were divided into teams of four to play one ten minute round of soccer inside the Wubble Bubbles. Adjustments to the game were made over time as new difficulties were presented and overcome.

Despite the many challenges that came with the event, everyone had a great time running around in giant air filled plastic balls. A big shout out must be given to our Student Council for adapting and overcoming the problems for this brand new event.