East Noble’s New ASL Club

Remy Fisher, Editor-in-Chief


As one may know, East Noble is going through many changes: a new “no cellphone” policy is in effect, new staff members have been inducted, and new clubs are being established as the year continues. One new club, in particular, is allowing students to learn and communicate with others no matter their abilities: American Sign Language Club.

Advised by Mrs. Christina Trappe, a Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher, ASL Club meets every Thursday to learn about sign language and how it can broaden students’ communication skills.

“I work with students who have been identified with a hearing loss, however, I also work closely with teachers, speech pathologists, and staff who have students they feel could communicate via American Sign Language and/or those who already communicate with signs.”

Trappe has been a Teacher Consultant of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for nine years, three at East Noble, attending Ball State University prior to becoming a teacher.

“There are many students within the district that know or use sign as a means to communicate. Typically in the preschool setting, students (whether they are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing) are taught the alphabet, numbers, and maybe some songs in sign language, including some basic signs such as ‘bathroom,’ ‘eat,’ and ‘book.’”

Trappe believes that ASL is a “beautiful, fun and interesting” language that everyone should learn.

East Noble students can attend American Sign Language Club every Thursday in the library during academic lab. A hallway pass is not needed to attend.