Treats and Talent: A Riley Week Review


EN Student Council Students accompanied by Miss Indiana after Collage.

The annual Riley Week was held at East Noble High School this past Sunday, February 12th. Being a favorite amongst students and staff members, the giant act of charity brought hope and delicious snacks to those who donated.

Kicking the week off, student council members rolled around the famous little red wagon containing treats and sweets which are seldom seen in classrooms. Students dug deep into their pockets for spare change and emptied their bank accounts when they heard the squeaky wheels turn the corners. They dashed out of their classrooms and bought everything in sight: Pringles, Goldfish, Poptarts; everything unhealthy but equally as tasty. From Monday to Friday, excluding Thursday for weather related issues, students emptied their wallets for the sake of donating, and to fill their hungry bellies, of course.

To end the wonderful week was Collage, the annual talent show complementing Riley Week. Students of all ages and capabilities came together to put on a show that wowed the crowd. One hour and thirty minutes of talent was shown on the Munk stage:

First off was an introduction of this year’s Student Council officers: President Bailee Hager, Vice President Megan Butler, Secretary Alyx Clark, and Treasurer Caden Lavigne. Coordinating the entire show was sophomore Daniel Burch and senior Brennan Walton: they organized including everything from auditions to creating the pamphlets. They also presented a video of every Unified Sports team, and the “Inclusion Revolution” that is happening at ENHS. It was a reminder to us all where our donations are headed, and why they are so vital.

The first act of the afternoon were the talented dancers at TC Dance Academy. They performed a hip-hop ensemble to an upbeat song. Dressed in hoodies and holographic silver pants, they took the audience’s breath away with every step. Next up was Ceudah Hajajhafira, a foreign exchange student, performing a traditional Indian dance while dressed in traditional clothing. Hajajhafira brought a sense of diversity to the stage and amazed the crowd. Sophomores Natalee Carrier and Gage Ernsberger were followed, and the duo performed the famous song, “House of the Rising Sun,” by the Animals. Hitting every note, the ominous song was executed perfectly.

Karlie Miller, sophomore, danced the night away to the song “Better When I’m Dancing.” Her talent truly showed through that night. “The reason I like Collage is because it is great way to show your talent and it’s for a good cause,” she said while smiling, proving that her appreciation for Collage was apparent.

Seniors Megan Butler and Brennan Walton lip sung “Breaking Free,” a song from the ever so loved movie, High School Musical. This carefree and comedic act provided the crowd with a laugh while they clapped along to the beat. Sebastian Francen, freshman, closed off the first half by singing “I’ll Cry Instead,” by the Beatles. Accompanied by his guitar, his performance was a favorite among the crowd.

After a nice round of cookies and refreshments, the talent was back on stage starting with the special guest, Miss Indiana herself: Brianna Decamp. Being a Kendallville native and East Noble graduate, she has graced the Collage stage many times. Up next were junior Kynzie Egolf and sophomore Olivia Drerup. The two dancers took the stage to perform a dramatic and well thought out routine that blew the crowd away. Then, the Student Council officers came on stage again to perform the well known skit “Making Gravy.” Giving everyone a laugh, the comedic act brightened everyone’s day. Madelyn Frazier, Katelyn Walker and Madelyn Hosford all performed solo dance routines accompanied by quirky music. All three dancers train at TC Dance in Kendallville.

Although there were difficulties that arose during the show, Student Council members handled it perfectly, whether that included telling cheesy jokes on stage, handing out candy, or having performers perform once more. Despite technical and physical dilemma, the show brought the community together and to support Riley Children’s Hospital.

In all, students and staff helped raise money for hospitalized children throughout the week. Despite the usual tactic of sending 100% of all proceeds to Riley Children’s hospital, this year, 25% went to East Noble Student Ethan Bailey. He was rushed to the children’s hospital earlier this year due to illness, and EN students wanted to help him out any way possible.