Mentors is Starting Soon! For a Freshman from a Mentor.

The East Noble’s Knight Mentors Program that was started by Miss Laur who is currently at the ENMS years ago will be starting the week we get back from fall break. All students that were at East Noble their freshman year remember Mentors and have their own opinions on how they felt their Mentors group was and if their group leaders were good mentors or not. Mine were awesome. But for freshmen that don’t know what the Mentors Program is, is a group of 13-14 freshmen (approximately) and two mentor leaders who meet every week to do a fun activity and build friendships and social skills. It’s a fun thing to be a part of and you can walk out of it after trimester two with a new best friend or a new acquaintance that you can choose for when you need a partner in one of your classes. And yes, if you think I was just trying to fill a gap with words then you’re wrong, the mentors program only lasts two trimesters then AL will be the same as it has been since the beginning of this year.