EN to Receive New Logo Next Year


West Point Military Academy’s logo (left) compared to East Noble High School’s logo (right)

Yes, the rumors are true. East Noble’s iconic knight logo will be getting a makeover sometime between the 2016 and 2017 school years.

It is the end of an era. East Noble High School’s 50th graduating class, the Class of 2017, will be leaving the building come May, and this revamped logo is destined to open a new chapter in EN history.

Our current logo, as many students know, bears an uncanny resemblance to the logo of West Point (more formally known as the United States Military Academy). Fortunately, we are not alone. Several other high schools are also guilty of plagiarizing the logo, and while West Point has taken no legal action to resolve the issue, East Noble administrators have recognized the need to address it and are arranging plans to design a new logo.

“While West Point has not contacted us, we do know it is a violation of copyright laws,” said Superintendent Mrs. Linson, “and it is inappropriate and illegal to use the logo regardless of whether West Point has issued a violation or not.”

According to Principal Longenbaugh, East Noble administrators are still in the early stages of drafting the new logo. They are currently researching companies and will review multiple logos designed by professional artists in the future. The new logo (or even a batch of logos) is expected to be unveiled sometime in mid-2017.

All students, teachers, and parents can do for now is wait in anticipation.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the school to create one common logo that students, staff, and community can be proud of,” said Linson.

Let’s hope this new logo will embody everything great that East Noble High School students have established for themselves!