Tourist Tuesday: The Homecoming Adventure Continues

Tourist Tuesday: The Homecoming Adventure Continues

Tourist Tuesday was a great success. A lot of people participated. There were many Hawaiian shirts as wells as other tourist shirts that were not Hawaiian. Overall, the seniors got the most points for participation! Juniors came in second and sophomores came in third. Sadly for the freshman, they participated the least during this dress-up day.

“It was fun seeing some people’s outfits,” said an anonymous sophomore. “They were very creative. I’ve never seen so many fanny packs in one place.”

Indeed, the fanny packs were one of the funniest things about dressing up, but the different-colored shirts were also hilarious and very enjoyable.

“It was fun,” said senior Brooke Moore.

Many students would agree that Tourist Tuesday was fun, but these next couple days of Homecoming Week are sure to be fun as well!