Color Run 2k15


Remy Fisher and Millennia Bidwell

It’s Homecoming week! That means there’s a lot of cool and fun dress-ups and events going on this week. Yesterday— September 15, to be exact—was the Tourist Tuesday dress-up day. Everyone wore Hawaiian shirts and walked around with cameras all day. After school, the Student Council held a Color Run during which everyone was pelted with blue and yellow liquid paint while running around the entire school twice.

Music was played and drinks were distributed to the students who ran in the Color Run. There were approximately 70 students who took the challenge, a majority of whom were freshmen.

The students who participated in the Color Run had a lot of fun. They took the paint that was being splashed at them like champions, even if they took it to the face. The run was really enjoying to watch. We hope you participate and have fun in the remaining events of the 2015 East Noble Homecoming Week!