K-O-U-T-S Invitational

Sahil Patel, Reporter

Congratulations to the East Noble Spell Bowl team at the Kouts Invitational. The spellers spelled really well at this competition and according to Coach Avery, this was their best showing of the season. East Noble tied with Kouts for third and fourth place, but The Knights’ got fourth due to the loss of the second tie-breaker (Kouts got 3 perfects, when EN got 2 perfects out of the competition). With only nine spellers instead of ten, the Knights had to forfeit the first round. Two of them got perfects and four others got near-perfects.

The final score of the night: Penn with a perfect 90 out of 90 points, Martinsville got 87 points, Kouts got 66 points, East Noble got 66 points, Morgan got 55 points, Logansport got 37 points, and Washington got 35 points. Great job to everyone!

Seniors: Rachel Smolinske got 8 words correct, Emily Savage got 7 words correct, and Nathan Shortridge got 5 words correct.

Juniors: Phillip Phan and Alyssa Yoquelet were the only spellers on the team to get perfects.

Sophomores: Meghann McCoy got 8 words correct, Kaelyn Bender also got 8 words correct, and Megan Shortridge got 4 words correct.

Freshmen: Sahil Patel got 8 words correct.

Congratulations to all the spellers for a great job well done. Best of luck at your next competition at Northridge, to see if the team qualifies for State. East Noble High School is supporting you all the way!