Swartz sheds light on Student Council


Morgan Forker

Student Council at East Noble High School plays a large role in many occasions that occur. From Homecoming Week to Riley Week, the Student Council puts in hours of dedication to make these events as enjoyable as possible for the student body.
Jacob Swartz is an advisor for East Noble’s council and has been an official Student Council advisor since 2013. Swartz started assisting with Student Council in 2009 when he was given the opportunity to chaperone at state convention. From the moment he chaperoned at State  Convention when he was an assistant principal, he said he knew it was something that he enjoyed.
He said while volunteering from 2009 until 2013 (until he became an assistant advisor) he got to experience the excitement and positivity at IASC State Conventions and Representative Assemblies.
“Being done with homecoming week is my favorite part truthfully,” Swartz said. “The end of the school year when we get together and reflect on the year and knowing that we are an honor council.”
“We have been a gold honor council for 34 years,” Swartz said. “We are completely student led and we keep the standard high. The members do it, us as advisors just watch over,” Swartz said.
Gold honor council means that as a Student Council the East Noble consistently provided quality leadership activities and service to our school and community through the IASC’s Honor Council Award program.
Swartz said his favorite event of the year is without a doubt Riley Week.
“Reason being, it is not something we have to do, it is something that we decide we want to do,” Swartz said. “It has grown to the extent that it has over the years. It is completely for the cause.”.