For Monrial, boxing is life

Triston Hurst

Boxing. A sport where the goal is to beat your opponent until they can’t physically fight back.
Some may call it brutal, but the people in the ring see it in a different light. East Noble High
School freshman Jake Monrial is one of those people.
Monrial has been boxing for over a year now, during which he’s been undefeated with seven
“It makes you feel unstoppable,” Monrial said when asked about how boxing makes him feel.
To find a fight, Jake’s coach will get in touch with some other coaches and figure out when a
match can be set.
“I’ve boxed in a bunch of different places.” Monrial said.
To prepare for a fight, Jake spars with his coach Ben, he also does weight training and practices
on a punching bag.
Jake boxes at the Kendallville Boxing Club. To join up you must go and fill out papers at the
club with your parent or guardian. To Jake’s knowledge, no one else at East Noble boxes
According to Monrial, “It isn’t very expensive, it’s only around 70 bucks a year.”
There are many dangerous injuries associated with boxing, for Monrial he hurt his hand by not
wrapping it correctly.
While many call boxing out for being too violent Monrial said, “It’s not any less dangerous than
a sport like football.”
Jake sees boxing as a future for him, “I’m in love with it I definitely see boxing as something I
do after school.”