The Apple Festival

Aubree Schuman, Reporter

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The Apple Festival is a big tradition in Kendallville, IN. The students of East Noble High school adore it especially. Many students participate by helping in booths or Raise ‘a Ruckus. Raise ‘a Ruckus is a big part of The Apple Festival, so try not to miss it. There are many showtimes for this show and it is incredibly enjoyable.
The most of Apple Festival you’ll see is churches that participate in booths to earn money for their churches, and there are also other clubs that students participate in including the FFA which stands for Future Farmers of America.
People travel near or far to get here for this wonderful event and the delicious food.
Food is a very large part of the apple festival, so if you haven’t joined us here, you have got to try some of the incredible homemade food. There are haystack taters that is run by the East Noble marching band, Beef and noodles, chicken and noodles, homemade Apple dumplings, and much more delicious food.
This is also a very good place for children of any age to participate in necklace building, candle making, apple bowling, pony rides and many more in the Children’s area here at the festival.
The weather is unexpected during the apple festival, sometimes it’s nice outside and sometimes it can be raining or snowing. There’s no guessing on what the weather will be like, so make sure you come prepared.
Overall The apple festival is an incredible place to be, so come join us for lots of fun!

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