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Backstage Review of TC Dance’s Community Concert

Madelyn Hosford, Reporter

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Everything was abuzz backstage of the Cole Auditorium on May 9th as TC Dance prepared for the community concert. Before TC could go out and give a spectacular performance, the backstage area had to be prepared. TC’s Prop Dads made sure that all the props necessary for the dances were in place, quick change dressing rooms were in order, and that the fog machine worked for the two numbers that needed it: The Wiz and Step In Time.

Next, TC did a run through all of the dances that were going to be performed that night, including the dances and skits put together by Maude-Jo Yerrick and Nick Smith. The rehearsal was chaotic as dancers figured out the order of the dances and how quickly they had to change. After the rehearsal, dancers had about ninety minutes to eat and get ready to perform.

Finally, it was time to perform. Many of TC’s advanced dancers, the TC Dancers, watched backstage as the curtain rose to reveal the very first number, The Wiz, which consisted of TC’s other two levels of dance: the Rising Stars and the TCettes.

Time flew by until the show reached the dance right before intermission: A Tribute to Fred Astaire. This number was different from the rest of the numbers that TC had performed because it included every dancer from TC’s three competition levels that performed. Almost eighty people were on stage at one point in the dance!

As the curtain descended after that number, the dancer had twenty minutes to prepare themselves for Act 2 of the performance, which opened with the hip-hop number, It’s Party Time. As the dancers began to dance once again, the show once again seemed to be only a short memory.

Before the final number of the show, Maude-Jo Yerrick and Nick Smith performed a tap duet to the song, This is Me from The Greatest Showman. The two received rousing applause from the audience while the curtain rose from behind them to reveal the last number: The Hollywood Wiz.

The Hollywood Wiz is the TC Dancer’s large production. The dance is broken into two parts, jazz and tap. The TC Dancer’s production usually has a lead and this year that title went to East Noble senior, Kynzie Egolf. Just as the title suggests, Kynzie plays the role of the Hollywood wiz, who is known as, “the best director in the movie biz.” The pure energy this dance showed up on stage is what made it the perfect number to close the show with.

TC Dance is thankful for being chosen by the Noble County Community Foundation to perform in this spectacular event and hopes to be asked again in the future. TC would also like to notify anyone who enjoyed watching the dances at the Community Concert, that TC Dance’s recitals (which will include the dances saw at the performance and many more) will be held June 8th at 7:00 pm. and June 9th at 2:00 and 7:00 pm. If anyone can make it, TC would be happy to see you there.

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