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Computer Science Class Shout-Out

Titus Christianson, Reporter

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In Ms. Joest’s Computer Science class, students learn many ways of coding and because of this, students have built apps as projects to turn in. These creations of the students can be downloaded and played on phones through a link sent to any phone. Students have put much time and effort into extensive, and simple games.

Senior Tim Tew has made many extensive, and over the top games such as one purely made up of memes, on top of memes. He has also made a clicker game where you have to find your way out of a castle with many game references along the way. As his final project is coming along he claims to have over 100 scenes. Tim Tew is one of the better examples of what people can do with this knowledge.

Overall the students in Ms. Joest’s Computer science class work very hard to expand their knowledge and present something they are proud of. Ms. Joest says herself “I think it is really exciting seeing kids with no coding experience creating apps they can run on their phones.”

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