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Hometown Legend: Keith Hoffar

McKenna Arnett, Reporter

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Mr. Keith Hoffar began his career at East Noble working as an assistant coach and now, almost forty years later, he is still making an impact on our school. Whether it is in the classroom or on the field, he has made a lasting impression on everyone.

Mr. Hoffar was recently inducted into East Noble’s Hall of fame and announced that he will be retiring. We decided to interview Mr. Hoffar to try to capture how he felt about his accomplishments and get an idea of what it was like for him to grow as a coach.

During the interview he said that he enjoys coaching because of the involvement with kids, he loves being able to watch them grow and improve. One of the things he will miss most after he retires is the involvement with the kids and directors. For him, one of the most rewarding parts of being a coach is getting to see kid’s confidence grow as they go forward and being able to help them achieve their goals. He loves being able to give back to the kids and having a long-term impact on people. Hoffar also said that one of the hardest parts of coaching is doing what needed to be done and missing out on his own family to spend time with other people.

His family is clearly something that is very important to him and he wants to spend more time with his own family, and after he retires he plans to travel with his wife and spend time with his kids. When asked about how he has grown as a coach over the years he had a lot to say about his predecessors, they taught him how to work with kids and how to help his team grow. Over time he learned how to build skills and change practices to help better the team while keeping them motivated.

It is quite apparent that Mr. Hoffar has played a major role in helping our schools academic and athletic department grow to be better than ever. He has had a very successful coaching career, and he has created bonds with all the kids he has coached. He has made a huge impact on our school’s athletic department, and on the lives of the kids he has coached over the years. There is no doubt that he will continue to have a long-term impact on everyone here at East Noble. Thanks, Hoffar, for all that you have done for us!

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