La Vie est Belle: A Parisian East Noble Prom

Dreams of the Eiffel tower, dreamy Parisian nights, and possibly even croissants drifted through student’s mind this past Saturday, April 21.

The night began as students flooded into the Auxiliary gym, patiently waiting for the Grand March to commence at 6 p.m. sharp. Lined with women on the left and men on the right, the juniors and seniors in attendance never looked better. On band director Mr. Bryan Munoz’s command, couples walked up the side steps and linked arms before stepping down the gymnasium floor. As Mozart and Bach filled the crowd’s ears, the marchers created a pinball effect as they zig-zagged across the room.

When all arms were joined together in groups of sixteen, the prom queen, king, prince, and princess were then announced. Representing the junior class were prince and princess Michael Bender and Jillian Carlson. Prom king Adam Dills and queen Hannah Denton proudly represented the senior class.

Students then took pictures with friends and family on the gym floor and quickly rushed to the Kendallville Event Center, where the party soon began.

Upon entering, the fairy lights were dim as they cascaded from the ceiling, reminiscent of a fancy French evening. Pop music played as friends shared meals of ham and beans and took pictures, hoping the night would never end.

After dancing, laughing, and enjoying the moment, the night eventually came to an end. We as a student body thank Student Council, ENHS staff members, and the Kendallville Event Center for a fantastic and unforgettable night.