School Work Load Stresses


Cassidy Fisher, Reporter

Missing a day of school due to college visits, sickness, being out of state, etc. can be a welcome relief from the stress of school (even if it comes with stress from another source).

It’s no surprise that school is stressful, but a few days of class instruction missed can add up to more stress than before. Assignments are missed that can’t be made up from home or the instructions don’t make sense when explained through a computer.

It’s true that technology has been able to help with some of this, allowing students to do more work outside of the school building. However, there are still a few stray assignments or discussions that can’t be made up from home and add to student stress by forcing students to find time to get them done.

In addition to work that can’t be done at home, in a situation where the student is ill or away from a computer all day the work can pile up. Where a normal workload could be two or three assignments that need to completely be done as homework, there are now five pieces of homework and a project that need to be worked on solely outside of school. This doesn’t seem so bad in cases when these things can be completed, but in situations when they can’t, going to school the next day can be confusing without being there for the instruction.

If that isn’t stressful enough there are now three more assignments added to the three or so half-completed ones. Then there comes a moral dilemma of completing the old assignments or the new ones and how to catch up. Trying to catch up can be especially difficult if the student is involved in an extracurricular, and some are involved in multiple.

Now, that sounds horrible and stressful, and it is, but it doesn’t remain that way forever. Eventually, catching up is possible, and the elevated levels of stress decrease. School life goes on until the next sickness comes around, or the next college visit, or the next out of state trip that goes on an extra day. Do your best, work hard, and the rest will follow.