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Senior To-Do: March

Emily Engle, Feature Editor

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Well, seniors, you’ve made it. You’re final trimester before graduation. In only two months, you’ll be walking across that stage with your diploma in hand. All that hard work will have paid off. But, we have to finish the hard work first before that.

Let’s start by congratulating our early graduates. They’ve been gone for a month now. They opted to forego the final trimester in exchange for a few more months between high school and college, if that’s what they choose to do, or joining the work force sooner. They’ve worked hard to get there. To graduate early is a great accomplishment. Best of luck to them.

FAFSA and most of the local scholarships have pasted their deadline this month. A handful will still be available and will be due at the start of April.

Lastly, college acceptance and aid. Acceptance letters can start arriving for students now. It’s important to stay on top of that and decide which one to accept. Accepting your admittance will allow you to start working things related specially to that college. The final decision day for college students starting in the coming fall is in May, but so is housing contracts and students that wait that long miss out on financial aid. The earlier you accept, the earlier you can register for college programs, like registration day, and get your pick at a slot. If you haven’t already been accepted and accepted your admission to a college, be watching for letters and emails and, once you’ve decided, informing that college of your decision.

Have a nice spring break, seniors! Take it easy these next two weeks. Have fun and stay safe!

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