Walk, Drive/Ride, Bus

We all have our own way of getting to school whether it be by feet, car, or bus. Going into kindergarten I was so excited to ride the bus for the first time and make a friend or two that I could sit with and talk about my cool Disney princesses pencils I got before the school year started, now living close to the high school where buses full of kids pass me every day makes me enjoy the fact that I get to walk to school rather than ride the bus.

I remember bus rides being cold in the winter but if you sat in a certain spot near the heater you got to stay warm. And you sat wrapped in a warm coat for a whole bus ride that you got to sit and think without having to worry about driving or walking. Drivers have heaters so they can be warmer but they have to be careful of any ice on the roads even though for any student drivers, bus drivers, and adults that work, the roads get covered in salt. Walkers have it worst in the winter which is no surprise why some students, even ones that live as close as myself, get a ride to school. Either the sidewalks are too slippery or it’s too cold and just walking in the freezing cold is not going to keep you warm. You may try thinking warm thoughts to keep your spirits up but there are two sides to thinking as you walk, you may walk faster which is awesome, or you may walk slower which is not awesome because it takes longer to get to school and you’ll probably be frozen by the time you get to school.

Drivers, as well as walkers, get to decide when they want to leave to get to school depending on when they want to arrive and where they want to park. Some students that drive are lucky when they arrive so early to school that pretty much every spot is open as oppose to someone showing up rather late and not being able to find a parking spot. Bus riders don’t the luxury of time decisions, they have to be ready by the time their bus gets there or else they have to find another, more shameful, way to get to school.

There are pros and cons to every mode of transportation. I can’t say I pick one over another although riding in a car when it’s cold out it’s that bad even if it’s a two second ride. If you have a favorite way of getting to school or if you changed ways like going from walking to driving or from riding the bus to driving or even bus riding to walking, write a story about it for the knightly scroll!

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