Getting Involved: East Noble Clubs


Peers group at a club meeting.

 East Noble High School is filled with creative, motivated students. Clubs are a great way to make new friends, learn new things, and experience memories that will never vanish. If you want to be involved, but don’t know where to start, here is a list of some clubs and organizations that EN offers.

1. Academic Super Bowl: Do you have a vast abundance of knowledge in a specific subject? If so, great! Academic Super Bowl is a club based on knowledge and competitive academia. The club is split into six categories: Fine Arts, Social Studies, Science, English, Interdisciplinary, and Mathematics. Teams from different school compete against each other, with information given them for the Academic Super Bowl year. Run by Mrs. Mapes, the EN division is very successful, with a first place in the 2016 NE8 Conference under their belts.

2. Art Club: If you have a monumental appreciation for all things art, join art club! Run by Mrs. Leslie, this club designs projects for the community and creates incredible works of art. Talented students of all classes join together to make something great using their artistic skills.

3. Bi-Phy-Chem: A science club that has competitions to compete towards state. There are different aspects of the competitions like biology and physics. They build robots and pieces of machinery.

4. FCCLA:  Family Career Community Leaders of America prepares students for the future. The club teaches valuable life skills that they can use when they go off to college and in their home lives. Contact Mrs. Sabrosky to join.

5. FFA: Future Farmers of America prepares individuals for a long career in agriculture. Led by Mr. Arnold, students will absorb new skills and learn to apply them in the real world.

6. Foreign Language Club: Parlez-vous français? The foreign language club will enhance communication skills and language skills. Run by all the foreign language teachers, this club is a good way to take your foreign language skills to a new level.

7. Key Club: This is a great club to join if you are determined to make a change in the world. With a mix of volunteer work, selfless service, and adequate leadership skills, Key Club prepares you for a lifetime of success. This club is involved with organizations like Light the Night, March of Dimes, and UNICEF. With Mrs. Swonger as the advisor, the club meets in her room every other Friday during Academic Lab.

8. Kids on the Block: With a mix of theatre, puppetry, and volunteer work, Kids on the Block is a unique organization in itself. Students volunteer their time to teach elementary school kids about bully prevention, equality, and the like. The skits are put on once a month at the surrounding elementary schools.

9. Knight Mentors: Were you nervous about starting high school? Or at least the slightest bit terrified? Prevent future nervousness in freshmen by joining Knight Mentors. Juniors and seniors join together and guide groups of freshmen through the different aspects of high school life. This happens during the first and second trimesters of the year, every Wednesday or Thursday during Academic Lab. See the school counselors to get started!

10. National Honors Society: Leadership, life-long success, and responsibility are the main goals of National Honors Society. Members are able to plan projects and help mold the community to be a better place. Students are able to join during their junior and/or senior years, as long as they have a consecutive 3.5 GPA or higher and are actively involved in school and community activities.

11. PEERS: PEERS club visits the middle school to inform the middle school students about safe choices they should make when they get into high school, college, or in a real life situation.

12. SADD: “Students Against Destructive Decisions” provides guidance to teens so they can steer clear from abusing drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous activities. Members teach younger grades about the dangers of addictions and how it can affect their future. See Mr. Charles for more details.

13. Speech Team: Helps students to grow skills in speaking in public and debating. The club is a competitive activity where an individual or small team memorize a skit and perform in front of judges against other teams. See Ms. Yuska or Mrs. Luke-Sherer to join.

14. Spell Bowl: Students practice a list of words then go to other schools to compete for the top score, hoping to go to the state competition. Most schools give out ribbons for a perfect which is a 9/9 and an almost perfect score which is an 8/9. The practices work around everyone’s schedule, but when it comes to competitions the advisor is slightly stricter when the team has to be on the bus ready to go. Contact Mrs. Mapes to get involved!

15. Student Council: The voice of the people. This club revolves around having leadership skills in the school and promotes activities for students to get involved. Meetings are every other Wednesday at 6:00 PM.