Leo Karst at FCCLA State


The “A” in FCCLA stands for America and the club itself is about trying to improve family life and prepare students for life after high school and eventually college. So it was an interesting surprise when the foreign exchange student, Leo Karst, went on the trip to FCCLA state and participated in a STAR project competition.

Being in FCCLA gives students the opportunity to see different aspects of life and how people portray different ideas when they go to state. Karst and his partner Karen Ayala completed a STAR project [STAR projects qualify for national competitions] that didn’t only talk about Indiana or America but was directed at making the world a better place, and Karst being from Germany makes their project so much more meaningful. Going to state and competing is one of everyone’s favorite part of FCCLA, and Karst agrees.

“My favorite part about FCCLA was first selling the candy as a fundraiser from Hershey’s because it was so cool when I came into the classroom and everyone was like ‘hey Leo you have candy again!’ it was fun to fundraise for my club. My other favorite part was the trip to Indy for state convention because it made those who went there stronger and more together so they knew more about other people. I loved the weekend and the people there; also the teachers had a big impact with my experience with FCCLA and I really appreciate it,” said Karst.

“Well I think of course I will be missing FCCLA because it was also a part of my experience here and it just gives me a huge opportunity to learn new thing about the community here in America and what they offer in high schools here. And it was so much fun for me because I could actually participate in the club and could enjoy being with all the club members.” Leo Karst said.

Karst definitely made his mark in FCCLA and he will be missed when he leaves to go back home. FCCLA would like to thank him for all his hard work and dedication.