A “Collage” of Talent


Remy Fisher, Reporter

Collage was the highlight of February for East Noble residents and students. The talent show was hosted and run by 2015-2016 student council members, featuring senior officers Claire Brown (president), Macy Burtch (vice president), Meghan Nowels (secretary) and Philip Phan (treasurer). The colorful production really showed how talented East Noble students are.

The production started off with a “Life Skills” video, showing all of the skills former Riley Hospital patients are capable of. The video showed the kids swimming, playing, and enjoying their favorite activities, depicting the true benefits of Riley Hospital.

Next up was a dance routine by a handful of proficient TC Dancer’s. The song/mash-up was the upbeat tune that is “Run the World” by Beyonce. It was a great way to open up the show and pave the way for the upcoming performers.

Daisy Willits, a sophomore and aspiring singer and actress sang “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. The cordial piece touched everyone’s hearts while still keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Daisy described her experience “eye-opening” and that it made her feel more comfortable on stage. “I’ve performed in front of crowds before,” she said to me, “This time, it was different: there was more of a rush in the air [that I felt].” She also considers Collage as her first “real” performance, considering the imposing amount of effort that was put into her act.

The following performances included instrumental pieces, singing, acting, and more dance routines. One recurring act that has been in Collage throughout the years is the skit, “Making Gravy.” This comedic show is sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day. The final act of the afternoon was a drum solo by East Noble special guest and graduate Tim McKnight. The electrifying and compelling performance stunned the crowd and made them cheer for more. It was definitely something to remember.

The day ended with a “thanks” and a “good-bye” from the student council members. All the members that participated in Collage stood on stage and attempted to sing “Lean on Me.” It was a great way to complete the fun-filled day.

Of course, all of the money made during Collage was donated to Riley Hospital for Children. Even though Riley Week and Collage have come to end, the positive impact that these events have left on the community will be everlasting.