Mary Poppins: A Magical Experience


Featured from left to right are the stars of the show: Mary Poppins (Lydia Tremaine), Michael Banks (Nolan Ogle), Jane Banks (McKinley Bolen, and Bert (Daniel Kane). Photo courtesy of Diane Lewis.

Did you know that anything can happen if you let it? Disney’s “Mary Poppins” was East Noble High School’s winter musical, directed by Craig Munk, the head of the theatre department.

Mary Poppins was portrayed by senior Lydia Tremaine, Bert was played by senior Daniel Kane, Jane Banks was played by senior McKinley Bolen, and Michael Banks was played by sixth grade student Nolan Ogle.. Mr. and Mrs. Banks were played by Nate Deetz and Sophia Schultz respectively. The entire cast was made up of thirty-eight devoted actors, including nineteen dancers from Kendallville’s TC Dance Academy.

The set was innovatively designed, with actors and actresses appearing from below the stage, walking on walls, and even flying across the stage with an umbrella in hand. The cast and crew worked hard for several hours a night, and about six days a week. Although there were a few technical issues, the show still carried on with pride, ending with a phenomenal outcome.

This is East Noble Theatre Department’s fiftieth year in production (No, that is not a typo!) and it will be the last year for the head of the department, Mr. Craig Munk. He has been teaching/directing for the last 48 years, and over those years has developed a theatre program that is known throughout the state and even the country.

Zaid Goussous, a foreign exchange student at East Noble said that he loved the show. “I think it is one of the best performances I have been to through my exchange student year,” he told me. “The crew did a great job in addition to the other actors.”

In my opinion, this musical was my favorite production that East Noble has ever presented. It gave me so many goosebumps and chills to the point where I had to see it more than once! The actors, crew and dance members worked so hard and put so much effort into the show, and I admire that greatly. I guess you could say the show was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!