Inside Look at Housing and Interior Design Class

This trimester Mrs. Terrell and her Housing and Interior Design class have gone above and beyond with their marvelous projects. They learned about different housing and roof styles, and then wasted no time getting into their many hands-on projects.

“I think we have done a great job. I think the class allows students to find inner skills and develop them,” said family consumer sciences (FACS) teacher, Mrs. Terrell.

When asked which project was the best, Mrs. Terrell replied that the color scheming project was her favorite. This project consisted of each student color rendering 6 different rooms each with a different color scheme. She said it was the best because that’s where she saw the talent start to form.

But many people, including Mrs. Terrell as well as many of the EN staff, enjoy the client project the most. This project goes outside the classroom to allow students to see what it’s like working for a client. Students get to choose an East Noble High School staff member and interview them to see what it is like to work with someone who may have a different taste in style than themselves. They then create a room and color render it, and then present it back to the client.

“The client project has great opportunity to see what it’s like to be a personal designer,” said Mrs. Terrell.

There are many great and fun projects in Housing I but even more fun in Housing II. If you want to join a fun class, Housing and Interior Design is highly recommended.