Breakfast at the Round Table Café!


Sahil Patel, Reporter

Have you ever forgotten to eat breakfast in the morning? Or do you currently have C Lunch and have to wait all of 4th period to eat? Well on Friday August 28, 2015, I had to wait through all of 4th period just to eat at the Round Table Café, but it was definitely worth it. Although the school always serves its normal cafeteria food, every Friday (sometimes Thursday) the Special Ed. kids and Miss. White run the Round Table Café for any student who wants to come in either A, B, or C Lunch to eat the food they have prepared for us. This was my third time attending the Round Table, and I can say the food there keeps getting better and better. Last year I tried it for the first time, and this year’s food is just fantastic. I would recommend you going at least once.

The meal had a breakfast theme:

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits
Tater Egg Casserole
French Toast Casserole
Fruit Salad

After I finished my meal, Mrs. Noble, one of the math teachers, had to say, “It was really delicious.” The cost is $6 if anyone wants to go. Just shoot an email to Miss White at [email protected] to make reservations. You can either stay in the café to eat or you can order out, meaning you can pick up the food you want and return to the cafeteria to eat. The Round Table Café is open every Friday, and for more information just look in your emails because Miss White always sends you the menu for the week. Most weeks the Round Table fills up quickly, so you have to tell her that you are coming! The Round Table employees and I hope to see you there.