Cupid was at the Round Table Café!

Sahil Patel, Reporter

Last week at the Round Table Café, I believe I saw Cupid, or either it was the AMAZING food they served that made me see him. Every week the Special Ed. kids and Miss White run the Round Table for any student who wants to come in either A, B, or C Lunch to eat the food they have prepared. This was my second time attending the Round Table and I can say the food there keeps getting better and better.

Last week’s theme was a Valentine’s theme. The menu at the Round Table Café on February 13, 2015 was:

Beef Barley Soup

Fresh Bread

Salad Bar

Cherry Cheesecake

After I finished my meal, Miss Atz, one of the English Teachers, had to say, “It was REALLY good.” I too really liked the food and I hope I can go back soon and eat there. The cost is $6 if anyone wants to go. Just shoot an email to Miss White at [email protected] to make reservations. The Round Table Café is every Friday, and for more information just look at your email – Ms. White has sent you the menu for the week. Most weeks the Round Table fills up quick, so you have to tell her that you are coming! Round Table employees and I hope to see you there.