Mystery Knight of the Week: Hannah Denton


There is a new series coming to your Knightly Scroll!! Every week we will have a new Mystery Knight. One person from one classroom will be chosen and interviewed. This is a chance to get to know a fellow knight. So for the first Mystery Knight EVER, please welcome Hannah Denton!


Hannah Denton is a freshman this year and she came from the East Noble Middle School. She was the lucky knight chosen to be interviewed. So let me tell you a little about her.

  • Her best friend is Maddie Fortman: they have BFFs for 11 years!
  • Her favorite subject in school is bio-med. She said, “I want to go into the medical field and I want to see what I’m up against.”
  • She couldn’t decide which book was her favorite between: The Fault In Our Stars, A Walk to Remember, and The Notebook. “Two of them are by the same author,” she said. “They get to you. Plus The Fault in Our Stars is a great book.”
  • When asked what she’s excited for, she said, “Defiantly sports. I’ve never been on an official sports team like the high school teams. Also I really want to join clubs.”
  • Her favorite sports are tennis and swimming: “I like tennis because I’ve been playing my whole life, and I just really love to swim.”


Picture taken by Tia Jones